Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keep on Keeping on

The past couple of days have been productive. I've managed to make myself (I had originally typed 'get') rid of a lot of things that are cluttering up my life. I've gone through closets and drawers. Cleaned under beds. Made some decisions and driven to the local donation center before I could change my mind. It feels much better. Now I am working on the worse room - the bonus room - aka the craft room from Hades. I have just let this room get worse and worse so late last night I walked through the door and sat down with two huge black trash bags. One for trash - one for donations. I'm making progress - it's slow progress - but still I am working my way into the room.

I know one thing that definitely has to go. I have an old arm chair from the furniture we used to have in the living room that I moved up there a few summers ago. It has long since seen its better days and I have to figure out a way to get it downstairs and to the local landfill. That will free up a lot of space. I think the matching ottoman may be in there as well - so it will go along for the ride.

I have too much craft stuff. Way too much. I didn't think that was a possible statement until I started working in there. I have fabric. Felt. Stickers. Paper. Markers. You name it - it's probably somewhere within that room. A lot of things I've held on to thinking I could use them in my classroom - but then again, I didn't take them in for the last 5 months of school - so will I really use them if I have another classroom in the fall? I have made myself throw away a good deal of the craft stuff that I feel just isn't where I am anymore as a crafter. I've come across a ton of pictures. I need to organize them all when this is finished. I'm even considering trying digital scrapbooking and having the books printed rather than thinking I'll actually create the pages myself. I wish The Bug and her friends were interested in scrapbooking - I could let them use up so much of the supply and then I would definitely feel better about it all.

My goal for the rest of the week is to continue getting rid of the clutter in there and then going back to the other rooms and putting everything back in its place. I figure Rome wasn't built in a day - it's not going to happen overnight - but I will never let this happen again. No matter how busy I was with student teaching and my sponsoring teacher having the nervous breakdown and leaving it all to me... I will never put taking care of what's important at home on the back burner. This is my home. My sanctuary. It deserved better.

Now, if only I could talk my husband into getting a pool. :)