Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Going to Run Away...

My friend asked me tonight why I never update my blog... so I thought I'd take a few moments to catch up.

Sometimes I think I'd just like to hop in the car and drive away. Not for the long term...just for a short-term absence. Go some place, check into a hotel near the beach and be lazy. Sleep in all morning. Walk on the beach at night. Watch television. Doesn't that sound good sometimes?

Instead I have been working. Part-time. Teaching. I love my students. They are the same group I did my student teaching with and some of them were there when I did my first block of practicum a couple of years ago. They leave me notes on my desk about how much they love me and how they wish they could come home with me. It has been awesome.

The Bug is busy with Winter Guard. Which I guess is like a dance team...with rifles and flags. She is on the rifle line... and loves it. I would have never thought my daughter was a dancer... until I see her perform. She is a dancer. She has found her passion. I am so glad she's found that 'thing' so many kids seem to search for in high school.

So until the next time.... or until I write you from the beach :)