Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Finally Figured It Out

Today at church my class had a lesson about how media can be used for good. We talked about all different types of media: facebook, youtube, email, twitter, blogging, tv, radio, and the list could go on and on. I shared some personal stories and they did, too. I told the girls that I blog but I have never shared with them my blog address and I have asked that my daughter does not share it either. For me, this is personal and something that I feel is very private - at least for this time in my life.

So we left church and my daughter and I were discussing the lesson on the way to the gas station - because the new car was almost out of gas - and how media seems to consume our lives whether for good or bad purposes. I thought about how my dear friend D down the street said she thinks we spend too much time on the computer (which I think she said she did, but I am applying it to myself as well) and that is something that really needs to change. So true! I walked into my house and my husband is in the "media room" which used to be called the living room but since it's where we all converge to use our technological devices, that's its new nickname. He was watching tv since he had driven himself to church and had gotten home well before us. We spoke briefly, daughter complained that it was beginning to rain (which means she couldn't practice outside) and I headed to the computer.

Checked my email.

Thought about checking in on Facebook.

Instead I came to my blog. I started reading down the updates on the right-hand side. I came across a post by April @ Bring the Rain called The Tyranny of Choice. Now I'm going to be honest, I don't always check to see what is going on in the bloggy world like I used to so I was behind in my reading. I am so glad that I made the choice to check today. Because this article spoke to me. It spoke to that person inside of me who doesn't really know what she is doing with her life right now. It spoke to my inability to make a decision lately that I am comfortable with and sticking to it. Quite simply: It spoke to me.

I am hoping that, if you should stumble upon my page, you'll take the time to really read it and not just skim over the context. Allow it to speak to you. Listen....and you might just find some answers along the way.