Sunday, August 14, 2011

And so it begins

The Bug started back to school last week. Just like her mom...her biggest fear was finding someone to eat lunch with. She ended up running into a friend from color guard and sat with their group. I'm so glad this happened! She told me that there are only 3 freshmen in her fourth period (at which time lunch occurs) class. Every day that she comes home I ask her to 'rank' the day for me. Every day has been at least an 8 or 9. Pretty good in my opinion.

Today we went and had manis and pedis and to be honest, I looked over at her and thought to myself, "where did my little girl go?". She has grown up and changed so much since this time last year. Gone are the braces and glasses. Participating in color guard slimmed her figure. Being outdoors so much has lightened her hair. She beams all the time. Her laughter is infectious...

In addition to the return to school, today is our 18th wedding anniversary. I'm not really one who believes in doing anything "special" for your anniversary... instead I feel like you should celebrate that fact each and every day in some sort of way. So we went to church as a family and then for dinner we ate Pizza Hut. Because 18 years ago we walked out of our hotel suite and walked down the street to a Pizza Hut and had our first meal together as man and wife. LOL We were both craving pizza and figured it was a good idea at the time. Our daughter thinks it's a cute and quirky story... but mostly it shows that the bride and groom never really get to eat at their own reception!

My classes resume this week. I start full-time student teaching as well. I'm a little nervous about that...and not really sure why. 15 weeks seems like a long time to be inside someone else's classroom on a daily basis. We can already access the course information online - and let's just say - I'm going to be super busy between all of that work and attending The Bug's football games over the next few months!