Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Summer is Almost Over

We've just returned from vacation. More exhausted than we were when we left. But it is good to get away from home...if only to remind you how comfortable your own bed is when you return!

With that being said, our summer is really almost over. The Bug has practice starting in a couple of weeks and that will continue until school gets back in session. So in the next couple of weeks we need to take care of eye appointments, dental appointments, back to school clothes shopping, hair cuts and an assortment of activities. I hate how time flies...

My niece has reserved the venue for their wedding and the date is going to be June 2, 2012. I am super excited for her and her fiance as they start planning their life together. I recently bought her a wedding planner so that she could keep up with all the details of the event. Way back when we were planning our wedding, I had this blue notebook that I 'created' that had every list and idea in it. I wish there had been a book like the one that I picked up for her. In other exciting news, she has asked The Bug to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

I am considering buying a new camera. I love photography - I hate my camera. Any suggestions? My nephew bought his bride D and Nikon D60 for her wedding gift. She loves it. I love her photography. Just not sure what to do here. Not even sure where to begin. So I am looking for suggestions and reading up on what everyone else owns.

That being said, I just really wish summer would slow down!

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

I have so many plans this summer and it is really making the time fly! I have the Canon 40D and love it, but don't think you can go wrong with either Nikon or Canon. Its more about the lenses than the camera, though the camera is a part.