Saturday, June 11, 2011

I hate when this happens....

As you may, or may not, know we are big recyclers around here. So much so that I really hate to throw something away when I know it should be recycled (cans, plastic water bottles, etc). So today I decided to go and drop off our recycling. There was a big blue tub in the back of my van. It had some 'stuff' in it from the back seat when I had to drive all of the girls to Chickfila one night. I didn't sort through it - I didn't think about it to be honest. Instead imagine my surprise when I dumped it's contents and saw a Joann's bag...and a brand new CD that I had bought The Bug. Imagine my panic, but at least I could grab a hold of them. As for anything else, I have no idea what else I might have pitched by mistake. I'll have to be a little bit more careful in my helping to 'green' the earth.

That aside, I have been decluttering our bedrooms. I made the decision to go through my closet and drawers and pulled out everything that either doesn't fit or I don't wear anymore. I have a huge bag of stuff to take from that and going through his stuff as well. I plan on going through The Bug's room with her this weekend and letting her decide what she wants to keep for high school and what she doesn't think will work and dropping those off earlier in the week. For some reason, our guest room has become a dumping ground for shoes and out of season clothes so I need to make myself go in there and start sorting through all of that as well.

One reason why my sorting through these rooms is important is that we have decided to switch things around upstairs. The Bug really wants to get away from her raspberry colored room and wants her room to be blue. That means I can see painting in my future. With that, I have decided to turn the guest room into a sort of 'teen den' for her and her friends to hang out. This means we'll be switching the purpose of the bonus room with the guest room and I'll be able to reclaim my crafting space once we are finished. Which means that my dining room can actually become a dining room once more.

So while I'm a little freaked out about my recycling adventure, I am glad to say that I don't think I lost anything else that I'll be missing anytime soon. At least I hope not. And lesson learned: GO THROUGH the stuff in the van. Or better yet, how about not leaving things in it in the first place?

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