Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Summer is Almost Over

We've just returned from vacation. More exhausted than we were when we left. But it is good to get away from home...if only to remind you how comfortable your own bed is when you return!

With that being said, our summer is really almost over. The Bug has practice starting in a couple of weeks and that will continue until school gets back in session. So in the next couple of weeks we need to take care of eye appointments, dental appointments, back to school clothes shopping, hair cuts and an assortment of activities. I hate how time flies...

My niece has reserved the venue for their wedding and the date is going to be June 2, 2012. I am super excited for her and her fiance as they start planning their life together. I recently bought her a wedding planner so that she could keep up with all the details of the event. Way back when we were planning our wedding, I had this blue notebook that I 'created' that had every list and idea in it. I wish there had been a book like the one that I picked up for her. In other exciting news, she has asked The Bug to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

I am considering buying a new camera. I love photography - I hate my camera. Any suggestions? My nephew bought his bride D and Nikon D60 for her wedding gift. She loves it. I love her photography. Just not sure what to do here. Not even sure where to begin. So I am looking for suggestions and reading up on what everyone else owns.

That being said, I just really wish summer would slow down!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going to the Chapel...and They're Gonna Get Married!

This past Saturday, while walking on the beach at sunset, my soon to be nephew M asked my favorite niece K to marry him. She said yes. Now the fun begins! I am so excited for the two of them as they begin this venture together. Congrats! K & M....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I hate when this happens....

As you may, or may not, know we are big recyclers around here. So much so that I really hate to throw something away when I know it should be recycled (cans, plastic water bottles, etc). So today I decided to go and drop off our recycling. There was a big blue tub in the back of my van. It had some 'stuff' in it from the back seat when I had to drive all of the girls to Chickfila one night. I didn't sort through it - I didn't think about it to be honest. Instead imagine my surprise when I dumped it's contents and saw a Joann's bag...and a brand new CD that I had bought The Bug. Imagine my panic, but at least I could grab a hold of them. As for anything else, I have no idea what else I might have pitched by mistake. I'll have to be a little bit more careful in my helping to 'green' the earth.

That aside, I have been decluttering our bedrooms. I made the decision to go through my closet and drawers and pulled out everything that either doesn't fit or I don't wear anymore. I have a huge bag of stuff to take from that and going through his stuff as well. I plan on going through The Bug's room with her this weekend and letting her decide what she wants to keep for high school and what she doesn't think will work and dropping those off earlier in the week. For some reason, our guest room has become a dumping ground for shoes and out of season clothes so I need to make myself go in there and start sorting through all of that as well.

One reason why my sorting through these rooms is important is that we have decided to switch things around upstairs. The Bug really wants to get away from her raspberry colored room and wants her room to be blue. That means I can see painting in my future. With that, I have decided to turn the guest room into a sort of 'teen den' for her and her friends to hang out. This means we'll be switching the purpose of the bonus room with the guest room and I'll be able to reclaim my crafting space once we are finished. Which means that my dining room can actually become a dining room once more.

So while I'm a little freaked out about my recycling adventure, I am glad to say that I don't think I lost anything else that I'll be missing anytime soon. At least I hope not. And lesson learned: GO THROUGH the stuff in the van. Or better yet, how about not leaving things in it in the first place?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Summer Bucket List

Can you have a bucket list for a season? I think so. I mean, why not? Who says that the bucket list has to be a 'before I die' event. Couldn't it be before the time lapses? I have been thinking about this tonight. What if we all sat down and made a list of all the things we'd like to accomplish and pursue this summer?

If I were to sit down and start a list, I feel confident it would eventually become completely overwhelming. With me there are no simple list. The most simple thing about my list might be the paper that it's written on ... or the computer font that I choose. Because I am, what I am sure is a medical term, an over thinker. That's right. Over thinker. Look it up... you might see my picture there. Because I can't simply say "I'm going to do "THIS"." Instead it would be an in depth portrayal of exactly what should happen in intricate detail. Which might prove to be the reason why I cannot seem to accomplish the things on my 'To Do' list lately.

But I do have some things I'd like to accomplish this summer. Like clean out all of the closets. Really clean them out and get rid of those things we haven't worn in 5 years. Or secretly get rid of my husband's cowboy boots although he'll need them this fall for the theatrical production the church is going to put on in the fall. I could get rid of the stroller that's just taking up space. I'd like to clean out all of my scrapbook and craft stuff and get a few sewing projects done. I'd like to paint The Bug's room and also move the guest room down the hall and turn that room into sort of a Teen Cave if you will where she and her friends could hang out and have fun. Clean out the shed in the back yard. Clean out the garage. Actually start using the screen in porch.

Yes, I think I will create myself a summer time bucket list. Because if I don't, who will? If not now, when? I'll keep you posted on the progress.