Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye 8th Grade

8th Grade Girls Lock-In @ Church. These are the girls who tried to stay up all night with me. The others were fast asleep when we took this picture. All but one of these girls made it!

The drama club hosted a talent show. Some of the drama club members performed to Thriller/Heads Will Roll at the beginning of the show. It was pretty cool!

A and The Bug at the 8th grade awards reception this month. They both were recognized for maintaining an A average all year long. So far that's been 8 years of straight As for The Bug.

Right after the girls found out they made the high school color guard squad. Can you tell they're both excited?

No, we didn't go to Paris! We went downtown to the museum for the day. I just happen to like this picture.

How cute is this?

We had a head hunter (see her belt loop?), Cookie Monster's twin sister, Artemis and Amphitrite.

3 AM, as we call them, after the Christmas Concert.

'80s night

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

Wow, you must be proud... all her accomplishments already and color guard! Chelsea loved color guard in high school and still loves it in college! great pics!