Monday, May 30, 2011

Journal Me This

When I was a little girl, probably in the fourth grade, my parents gave me a Hello Kitty diary as part of my Christmas presents. I loved my diary and shared my inner most thoughts on those pages. My dreams and wishes and the deepest heartfelt desires that a 10 or 11 year old could have at that age.

In fact, I firmly believe that this is where I earned my love of writing. It was a no-holds barred type of journaling where I really did share exactly how I felt. Over the years I lost my diary.

So today I started thinking... I have decided that I'm going to join Weight Watchers online. I need some accountability to what it is that I am ...or am not... doing to my body. I did WW about a hundred years ago after I went back to work from my maternity leave with The Bug. In fact, if you can believe it, I was the corporate sponsor for a weekly Meeting At Work that took place at the airline! As I was thinking about this today, The Bug and I were driving back from my beloved Target and I told her that I got within less than 15 pounds of my goal weight... and quit.

So this time around I am going to journal about my adventure. I think that's an important step. I think it's important to take that picture at the beginning and at every milestone that I set myself. Back in the day, I would have Hubs take a picture of me with our polaroid camera at every 10 pound interval. I think that this will help me the most along the way.

What about you? Ever been through something where you decided to journal the steps along the way? Did it help? Do you think it is a good idea? Feedback welcomed. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Born This Way Shirts ...

Why do I volunteer to do projects for my daughter and her friends that require way too much time and leave me with no time to really do what I want to do? See, yesterday they wanted to meet up at the craft store to purchase the materials to make a 'born this way' t-shirt. Because a few of them want to wear it in the chorus class talent show on Wednesday. My daughter does not want to wear hers. And she is in another class. So we are standing in Joann's when someone says something to the effect that we can just make them something to wear one time. In other words, waste our money and time creating something that they won't ever want to wear again. Which to me says "tacky". I guess that is when I spoke up and said I would work on the t-shirts for the girls. Each mom purchased their daughter's plain t-shirt and The Bug kept up with them. I bought a few supplies, called my friend Slacker Mom II to see if she had ever used the cricut to cut fabric for something like this...and decided we were heading to Hobby Lobby. Bought iron on letters there. Came home. Worried about it. What had I volunteered to do? Spent some time with my family. Came back downstairs after everyone went to bed and created a stencil to try my hand at painting what they wanted. Didn't like it. Got up and went to Michael's this morning. Bought some transfer paper. Came home and designed what I wanted on the computer. Had to borrow my mother's printer. Turned off all the phones. Printed out 8 sheets - each one has something different on the front. The backs are all the same.

All of the girls now have their shirts. Each shirt has "BORN THIS WAY" on the back and something that each of the girls identify with on the front. My daughter's says...well.... "GINGER" which kinda surprises me because I don't think of her as a red-head. She was when she was a little girl. But she has the coloring so okay. She embraces it though and LOVES it. One of her friends chose "FRECKLES". Another said "TV ADDICT"...which could really be a Youtube obsession if you asked me. The final girl said "BAD HAIR" which I LOVE because we always talk about hair together and how we wish ours would do something different.

I am hopeful that at some point in time I'll be able to snap a picture of them in their shirts. It will be slightly different than their tribute to the Beatles that they staged Friday night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye 8th Grade

8th Grade Girls Lock-In @ Church. These are the girls who tried to stay up all night with me. The others were fast asleep when we took this picture. All but one of these girls made it!

The drama club hosted a talent show. Some of the drama club members performed to Thriller/Heads Will Roll at the beginning of the show. It was pretty cool!

A and The Bug at the 8th grade awards reception this month. They both were recognized for maintaining an A average all year long. So far that's been 8 years of straight As for The Bug.

Right after the girls found out they made the high school color guard squad. Can you tell they're both excited?

No, we didn't go to Paris! We went downtown to the museum for the day. I just happen to like this picture.

How cute is this?

We had a head hunter (see her belt loop?), Cookie Monster's twin sister, Artemis and Amphitrite.

3 AM, as we call them, after the Christmas Concert.

'80s night