Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Ever seen that movie "Ten Things I Hate About You" with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles? I love that movie. The whole take on the Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare. Set with a modern teenage twist. I am going to Target to see if they have that movie. So that The Bug and I can watch it together and I can share with her something that I think is cute and funny ... and I also happen to like the music.

So while HATE is such a strong word... I have been thinking about things that make me happy. Here's a short list.

1. The Bug. Her laughter is infectious. Her artwork is amazing even though she will not share it with the world...to quote, "I have copyright issues." Not sure where that came from. Her jewelry is adorable and totally a way to make some pocket money without having to babysit. Her aunt and I are still trying to convince her of this!

2. My husband's hair. When he actually lets it grow out. Because he keeps it cut so short because of cowlicks on the top of his head. But his hair is this gorgeous black color and it is so soft and lovable all on his own. It is hard to believe that it was BLOND and longer when I met him.

3. Laughter. Especially when it involves the two people mentioned previously. Or when The Bug is hanging out with her friends. Genuine laughter - not that stuff that seems to forced. When that starts, I am done.

4. The Cat. She loves me. What is there not to love about her? Last night we had some unbelievable storms. She left her safe haven under the bed to come and hang out in the living room with me. Granted, she crawled under the couch. But she apparently feels safer when she's in the same room as me and that's a good thing in my book.

5. My parents. Both of them. Equally. For their advice when I need it. And their help. And their unconditional love and encouragement of me. What would I do without them?

6. Peanut Butter. I love peanut butter. If I were a poet I am sure I would write a sonnet all about peanut butter and how much I love it. Even though, at times, it has made me sick. It is my favorite food ingredient. I wonder what a peanut butter drink would taste like though? I might not like that as much.

7. Chick-fila. Seriously, if you live in a section of the world where there is no Chick-fila, I seriously feel sorry for you. I am a serious Chick-fila girl - we have it every Tuesday night for dinner. And Not only because it is buy one, get one free. I have loved Chick-fila from the first time I tried it - probably around the age of four. It never gets old.

8. Music. All kinds. Especially 80s music though. Nothing makes me happier than music. I am always singing something...just ask my family! I am so glad that my parents have such diverse musical tastes that I was exposed to all sorts of music as a child. I try to do the same with The Bug.

9. Books. I love to read. I want a Kindle. I think the perfect life would be where I could read books all day long. And never had to do housework. And Chick-fila delivered.

10. Winnie the Pooh. Seriously. So much so that I abandoned my family at Disney World and made a bee line to right where Pooh was standing.I have pictures! Last night, we were watching reruns of Who's Line is it Anyway (another favorite!) and Colin and Ryan were doing a skit where they do infomercials to sell albums. Colin said "We'll return to your movie, Crouching Tigger, Hidden Pooh".... and I nearly lost it! Hilarious!


42fdcda6-6144-11e0-9f72-000bcdcb5194 said...

You want the IPAD-trust me!!! Miss you!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

What a great list, going to have to repeat this one on my blog. haha on the peanut butter! Me too - going to be working on that sonnet for all the peanut butter lovers out there!