Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

It is strange to me how colleges now have spring break way before it's even spring! That being said, this week I am on spring break. Since I have a child in school (who isn't out for her spring break until next month!) and a husband...not to mention a highly demanding cat.... I am at home this week. Cleaning and studying for the GACE. I am working Friday - I need 2 days to remain in the substitute system with our local school system every semester - and aside from that, nothing special is going on.

I came up with my own 'cleaning lottery' last night because I've spent so much time lately studying or student teaching or just avoiding housework in general (at every cost) that I decided last night to list what needs to be done to each room. Then I decided to make it fair and write each room's name down on an index card (because I was procrastinating while watching Sister Wives) and this morning I put them in a basket and drew out today's lucky contestant....The Kitchen! That's right - the kitchen will get a luxurious overhauling today as I scrub the counters, mop the floor, clean out the pantry, finally put the curtains back up that I'd taken down to wash...when I can't remember though... and then I'll take some time in-between to study for the GACE. I'm going to work on the timer system. I also need to go to the recycling center this morning since most of my recycling happens to be stuff from the kitchen like the 4 billion empty cereal boxes I noticed in the pantry this morning!

So I am off to clean. If I don't return - send a search party to the pantry!


The Source said...

Don't you just love it when people put the empty boxes right back in the cabinet? Or the fridge? Ugh!

I had two college kids on Spring Break and one high school/college kid on half a Spring Break this week. She still had to go to high school, but not her afternoon class at the university. She'll be out of high school and still have to go to college class in April. Fun stuff.

And my twins? Yeah, we took THIS week off because the hubby is off work.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

yep Chels just had her spring break and Zach's isn't for weeks, although shortly after his spring break she will be done for the year! yikes! love your cleaning lottery - just might have to try that one!