Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remember This?

Wear sunscreen.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they've faded. But trust me, in 20 years, you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as you imagine.

Don't worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday.

Do one thing every day that scares you.


Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.


Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself.

Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements.


Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don't.

Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees. You'll miss them when they're gone.

Maybe you'll marry, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll have children, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll divorce at 40, maybe you'll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary. Whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance. So are everybody else's.

Enjoy your body. Use it every way you can. Don't be afraid of it or of what other people think of it. It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own.

Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.

Read the directions, even if you don't follow them.

Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.

Get to know your parents. You never know when they'll be gone for good. Be nice to your siblings. They're your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.

Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft. Travel.

Accept certain inalienable truths: Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. You, too, will get old. And when you do, you'll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble, and children respected their elders.

Respect your elders.

Don't expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund. Maybe you'll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either one might run out.

Don't mess too much with your hair or by the time you're 40 it will look 85.

Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth.

But trust me on the sunscreen."

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Pictorial

Today I decided to share a pictorial of what I have been doing.... studying for this....and beginning to freak out a little bit because to be qualified to teach special education you have to know so many laws about education, not to mention so many strategies, accommodations and modifications...not to mention the different types of disabilities! I will be glad when tomorrow morning is over and done with ....

But in the meantime, I have had time to work a little bit on this. I have been wanting to do this for a while now. The Bug has three special friends that she's known for what seems like forever. I always take a picture of the girls together after their chorus concerts and this got me thinking...why not create them a scrapbook of memories from their middle school years. I've finished one's nothing fancy but I love how it turned out. Now I have two more to complete...but here's a sneak peak....

Then when time permits and I don't get caught up in the pollen clouds outside I am stalking around in my yard, enjoying all of the newness that's coming into existence with the temperature change. Mind the weeds, but aren't these gorgeous????

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not So Mellow Yellow

Ugh...the world has been attacked by the Pollen Monster...and appears to be losing! Pollen - the one thing I hate the most - has descended upon us and the world, as we know it, has a hazy yellow tint out the window. I am afraid to walk outside - my black t-shirt might turn yellow!

Yesterday's pollen count was unreal - I think I heard 2200...or maybe 1200. Who knows? But today is much worse and when I logged on to to check the weather, it shows a CODE ORANGE - very high level for today. Tomorrow. Probably the rest of this month and well into next month.

Funny thing though - how come I don't remember anything about pollen when I was younger? My mother and I talked about this today - along with questioning why anybody would willingly have their windows open with this mess swirling around in the air!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

It is strange to me how colleges now have spring break way before it's even spring! That being said, this week I am on spring break. Since I have a child in school (who isn't out for her spring break until next month!) and a husband...not to mention a highly demanding cat.... I am at home this week. Cleaning and studying for the GACE. I am working Friday - I need 2 days to remain in the substitute system with our local school system every semester - and aside from that, nothing special is going on.

I came up with my own 'cleaning lottery' last night because I've spent so much time lately studying or student teaching or just avoiding housework in general (at every cost) that I decided last night to list what needs to be done to each room. Then I decided to make it fair and write each room's name down on an index card (because I was procrastinating while watching Sister Wives) and this morning I put them in a basket and drew out today's lucky contestant....The Kitchen! That's right - the kitchen will get a luxurious overhauling today as I scrub the counters, mop the floor, clean out the pantry, finally put the curtains back up that I'd taken down to wash...when I can't remember though... and then I'll take some time in-between to study for the GACE. I'm going to work on the timer system. I also need to go to the recycling center this morning since most of my recycling happens to be stuff from the kitchen like the 4 billion empty cereal boxes I noticed in the pantry this morning!

So I am off to clean. If I don't return - send a search party to the pantry!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I'd Be Doing...

Ever think, 'What would I have done with my life?' if you'd chosen a different path? Such as:
What if I had gone away to college?
What if I had married my high school sweetheart? (ugh...thank God for unanswered prayers!)
What if I had chosen something completely different to do with my life?
What if I had gone out with Bobby that Friday night as planned? (I wouldn't have met Mr. Hubs)
What if I had never worked at Delta?
What if I had never left?
What if I had gone to Germany after my niece was born to help my sister out?
What if we had decided to have other kids?
What if we had decided not to live on the south side of the city and had instead moved to the north side, where my husband grew up?
What if we hadn't adopted our wondercat?
What if we had kept our dog, Darlin', and had not given her to my niece and nephew?

Life could be filled with a lot of 'what if' questions. With that in mind, I'll remind myself that we cannot worry about the past, that we need to enjoy "Today"'s why it's called THE PRESENT. And that bloggy world, is my food for thought for today.

This is the Momster...feeling a little grateful for her own life...signing off...until the next time.