Friday, February 4, 2011

Queen of Procrastination

What is it about knowing you have to do something...and you keep and keep putting it off? Today is all about cleaning the house. Partially because it really needs to be done. With a smig of the fact that The Bug has a friend coming over to hang out for a while tonight. And I really need to do some cleaning. Especially after I decided to pull EVERYTHING out of one of the downstairs closets last night and then the plans were made (and the stuff was all over the foyer!).

So today is going to be the speed round of cleaning. You know the one... You put everything AWAY (insert back into the closet) and close the doors to the rooms that you don't want anybody to see (like the guest room) and frantically vacuum and clean up the bathroom (because it's your daughter's...and she's a teenager...and you generally don't venture in there...and when you do, you hear this 'ugh, PRIVACY, please!').

On top of that, it is raining cats and dogs here. I would rather have the snow the other parts of the country are dealing with at this point. I am tired of the rain. I need to get some work done in the yard before everything here starts to bud. We have a huge pile of limbs to burn in the garden bed (remember when we lost two trees last year due to the wind?). My yard just looks messy to me right now and it is bothering me. I need to some weed pulling therapy.

Okay, time to get back to work. I wish there was a cleaning fairy that conveniently visits houses... on rainy that I could scrapbook or read a good book...or take a nap!

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

sounds like your onto the spring cleaning mode! We still have too much snow here to even think spring! Good luck finding that cleaning fairy. Sometimes I set a timer and work in one room till it goes off, then move on. That's fly lady tips... lol