Thursday, February 3, 2011

Middle School

Okay, if you had asked me a month ago if I thought I'd enjoy my student teaching in a middle school... I would have told you "NO" hands down. But guess what? Sometimes when we are given lemons, it's really because we're gonna be thirsty and need some lemonade. Because I am really enjoying my time with the students at the middle school. They are hilarious! They make me laugh! Their smiles can light up the room and their voices remind me why I am there - to make a difference and to share whatever knowledge I have with them to make their worlds a better place and their homework a little bit easier to complete.

Yesterday I taught my first lesson in our resource math class. I designed a PowerPoint game and we did a review for their math test that they're all taking today. It was fun. They were engaged. The time passed quickly and they retained what we did in class so that when they got to their regular math class, they knew exactly what we were doing and how to do it without my assistance. I felt like a proud Momma.

My advisor is coming later in the month to do an onsite observation. I have no idea what I'll teach or even where we will be in our math lesson plans. I'm not nervous about it though. I had to videotape yesterday's lesson and watch it last night to provide my critique of how things went. The lesson was incredible. My only complaint? I need to get back to my exercise routine. I am considering joining Weight Watchers Online. I hope to lose some weight before I graduate in December. That seems amazing sometimes - I'll be finished THIS December! Incredible!

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