Thursday, February 10, 2011


We have snow again in the south. I think I woke up twice last night to go and peek out the window to see what all was going on. Our back yard looks like a gorgeous blanket of white. Even the huge heart that is cut out in the grass is gorgeous (a story for another day...). The front yard is pretty but the trees kept a lot of the snow from reaching the ground out there. The roads and sidewalks are fine. The local schools are in session...but I am taking a DÍA DE NIEVE (translation: snow day). Because I don't have to work today - the one benefit of getting all of my student teaching accomplished at the beginning of the week.

So what does one do on her personalized snow day? I have a laundry list of chores that is probably a mile long. Clean the kitchen. Bathrooms. Bedrooms. Dust. Vacuum. Mop. Grocery Store. Bank. Clean out my car - which looks like it has a family of homeless people living in it if the back seat and rear of the van are any indication. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll curl up in my snuggie and watch a good movie. If I don't get lured in to do some homework.

On a positive note - my Dad has started the treatments for his cancer and will only have to get his shots every six months. The doctor has guaranteed us that his numbers will come back down. My Mom had a heart cath on Tuesday and is doing well. This eliminated the thought that there could be any blockages around her heart. She will see the cardiologist in a few weeks and we think they'll start trying to treat her with some different medications. He told us that he hopes to have veins and arteries like Mom's when he is her age.

One more exciting thing before I finish. I think my niece will be getting engaged soon. There's a lot of wedding buzz going on between her and her boyfriend. She is determined though to finish nursing school before getting married and I admire and applaud her for sticking with that. She'll graduate May 2012. I'll keep you posted.

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