Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

Usually that's how I feel about the weekends around here. Wisk! Bam! Boom!'s like an action sequence from the old Batman shows... and they are gone! But this week we (unbelievably) had another week off of school due to the snow/ice that we received Sunday and Monday. Let me tell you - it has been YEARS since school was closed for a week here due to the weather. Every afternoon we'd sit and play the anticipation game.... will there be school or won't there be school? Now the anticipation involves when and/or if the students will be required to make up this time. I can remember losing spring breaks and even attending school on Saturday to make up for bad weather days when I was a young girl. Only time will tell.

My classes have resumed. The online ones at least. I have my placement for the next semester and will be working at a local middle school, although not the one that The Bug attends. I am waiting to hear from my assigned teacher to find out when she would like for me to report and to get an idea of what I'm in store for this semester. Then... finally....student teaching in the fall! My other classes shouldn't be too difficult this semester but just time consuming. If I can ever remember HOW to do school then I might actually be able to start getting my assignments out of the way. That's what I'm supposed to be doing right now...but instead... the computer called my name! Well that and the Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza that's just finishing up in the oven. Sometimes it's good to be home alone. :)

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Slacker MOM II said...

The local paper has an article regarding the make up days. 4 days are built into the calendar - it will be up to the board on the 5th day to make up. The governor can also make a decision that the board has to follow. So lets hope that we do not have to make up the days. I for one do not want them to take a day away from a break nor do I want to back a day after Memorial Day-you know there would be no instruction on that day-sorry teachers (which I am one) I am just saying what is true!