Sunday, January 16, 2011


Wake up and head out to church.
Had a great time with the girls in my class talking about loyalty and disloyalty and how it all plays in with being a Christian.
The Bug went home with a friend and their family.
Came home and Hubs and I went to the store and to Ruby Tuesdays for a less than eventful lunch. But time together is valuable to us both and we had a great time.
Picked The Bug up and came home to watch the beginning of "Space Cowboys".
Eyebrows done - even though it took forever at the salon.
The cat is napping at my feet.
My professor went off the deep end with this email about last semester - that still has me puzzled and wondering what on earth is going on. I think someone threw us all 'under the bus".
This may prove to be a more difficult semester than I had originally thought. See above for explanation.
The Farmer's Almanac is showing this is to be a colder winter with more snow and ice. They are usually right - afterall, they pegged the snow we had last week.
Tomorrow is a holiday - then life gets busy all over again.
Praying for God's guidance.
Heard tonight on tv and wrote this in my notebook, "Let it go and God will fight your battles."

Letting go now...
The Momster

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