Saturday, January 22, 2011

She Made All-State...

Got the 'official news' yesterday afternoon when I picked up The Bug that she made All-State Choir. She was excited. I am excited. I did this my seventh and eighth grade school years and had a great time. Way back when there were places called Junior High and dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Or so she likes to tell me...the latter part, that is! So this makes it official - we are not going to the Ski Week with our church and are instead going to play hooky from school (thanks to three snow/ice days right in the middle of the week) and instead are going to find something fun to do until we leave at the end of the week for the event. I feel better knowing we've made the decision and I don't feel at all guilty about letting go of the money that was spent to reserve her spot on the ski trip. I figure it went to the church and that's good enough for me. Next year we'll just know better what we are doing when the time comes up to sign up for any of these events.

She'll be singing in the treble (all girl) choir. They have the hardest music - everything is in another language except for one song. She's already been learning the melody but now she has to focus on the words and their pronunciations. Songs like Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia, Durme Durme, J'entends le moulin,Laudamus Te, Mangwani Mpulele, and the easiest to pronounce, Manx Lullaby. Can you guess which one is in English? However, it is old English.

So congrats to The Bug! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments!!!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

congrats to her, that is wonderful news!

The Source said...

Awwww....big congratulations to Bug!! I know she's excited and YOU are a proud mama! Please give her a big old hug from me and tell her I'm very happy for her!