Monday, January 24, 2011

No sense in complaining

Today I had an epiphany of sorts. It hit me like a load of bricks as I drove back from the court house: There is no sense in complaining. Because who cares? I mean really, is complaining really going to make a situation different? The reason why I thought this was because as I drove home I started thinking about my day and school and started to call my friend when it hit me, would complaining about a situation make anything different?

If I complain about traffic, does it magically get better?
If I complain about taxes, do they lower themselves?
If I complain about how my shoes hurt my feet, does that magically make my shoes become softer?
If people complain about being ignored, does that make anything better?
If people complain about being unloved, does it make you love them more?
If people complain about being hungry, are they instantly full?
If you complain about your weight, does it magically change?

I'm sure you get my drift. And since I'm sure you're now wondering 'why was she at the court house?' I had to go and drop off a certified letter stating that I'm a full-time student taking 14 hours this semester so that I could be excused from jury duty. The funny thing - the form, that i had to sign and they notarized, had 2007 as the date on the back. 2007! That was like, I dunno, 4 years ago! Okay, so I do know because I counted it up (using my's been a long day!). There are those tax dollars at work. But that's complaining, right?

Tomorrow we take our truck in for repairs. This means that tonight the truck has to be cleaned out from top to bottom. We've got to call to make sure everything's handled with the rental car that this person's insurance company is providing. Hopefully everything has been taken care of on their end and all we have to do is drop the truck off, get the rental and wait to pick the truck up again. I will be glad when that's all over and done. Not that I'm complaining... :)


The Source said...

I was "called" for jury duty back in ' one would listen to my reason for being unable to report at that time...many small children in my care, two in fragile medical condition. So I just showed up for duty with a 7 year old, two four year olds, an 18 month old and premature, fresh out of NICU twins still on heart/lung monitors in a double stroller. There was NO ONE else to leave all of those children with for days on end. ;)

They sent me straight home.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

While I could totally understand why you might complain, I also get the whole, what difference will it make. But I must say you make a story fun and interesting to read! love your writing style!