Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Things Done...

One good thing that is accomplished when your child is sick: You clean. I've managed to clean out the kitchen (again). I am finally caught up on the laundry around the house as well. Today I am cleaning out the dining room and preparing to shampoo the carpet in there before she and I settle in to watch a movie.

Obviously she missed her audition this morning. I called the school yesterday and spoke to the choral director - she told me that we could request a make-up audition. All we needed to do is let her know before 9 this morning and to provide a doctor's excuse. I called her back last night and we eventually talked it through and decided a postponement was in order. So today she has spent most of the day in the bed, listening to music and snuggling under her warm blankets.

My word for the year is prepare and I've definitely been doing that. The house is coming together. I managed to sneak out this morning to Macy's to do some holiday returns that I had been avoiding and paid off my account as well. I am not only preparing myself at home, but financially as well. I found out last night that I have been assigned my placement next week at a local middle school. I need to contact the teacher and see when it would be a good time to meet and formalize my schedule. At least this will work out with my current routine with The Bug. Classes officially begin Monday. I'm taking the GACE in March. Things are about to get busy.

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