Thursday, January 6, 2011


The cooties have arrived. In the 5'6" variety of a 13 year old girl. Who is at home today with her Momma after having visited the doctor's office this morning for some meds and some Chickfila and cuddle time while watching movies in her room under her comfy quilts. She has been instructed to rest at home for the next two days, so that means no school until Monday. Hopefully this will let her mend enough for her audition Saturday morning.

Funny thing when one has the cooties is trying to prevent everyone else (meaning the Momster) from catching the cooties as well. We came in and she took her medicine. I took my vitamins. And a claritin for good measure. The other funny thing is that I find myself CLEANING more when the cooties are involved. Laundry is getting done. The kitchen counters are all nice and clean. Things smell a little like pine....

Now where did I put my latest, circle, dot, dot,'s okay I got my cooties shot :)

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