Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can You Choose a Simple Word?

I have been giving some thought to the idea about choosing one word to embody what I want for this next year. One word? I'm a little OCD so just choosing one word...well it throws me into the place where I find myself constantly searching out new words. Like the ones that follow:

Faithful - Faithful to my family, my friends, my faith, my goals and commitments.

Prepared - Prepared for where this life is taking me. Student teaching in the fall. Graduating in December. Preparing for a new life and a new career - although I feel like my entire life has been one step after another to lead me to this goal.

Organized - Things in order; everything in its place. In a lot of ways, this comes into play with the idea of being prepared. Being organized enough so that changes at the last minute won't throw me for a loophole and that I can cope and accommodate.

Confident - Assured about where life is taking me. Comfortable in my own skin and taking ownership of the goals and objectives that I am setting for myself for the new year.

Dream - Allow myself to look into my soul and see what I really want out of life. To enjoy life. My family and friends. I had a quote put in The Bug's fifth grade year book about dreaming from Walt Disney. About always taking the time to dream.

Believe - In myself. My family. My friends. Faith. My mother always tells me that there was nothing that I have ever wanted that I have not been able to accomplish. Because I believe in myself.

Grow - Growth in mind, body and spirit. Well a reverse growth in my body. But changes. Good changes and good growth.

Persistence - Pushing myself to reach my goals, whatever they may be.

Individuality - Choosing to be ME all of the time rather than conforming to being the person that I think people want me to be. And enjoying living in my own skin.

So today while I clean the house and spend time with my family, I am going to reflect on these words and others that come to mind. Setting goals for the year. Keeping them realistic so that they are obtainable. Why do I like the idea of New Year's Resolutions? Because it makes me look at myself, on every level, and think of ways that I would like to change.

Happy New Year blogosphere and here's to a brand new me (and us)....

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Jennifer said...

I love your post, really direct and to the point!! Plus, it has a lot of ideas which I am trying to apply to my own life , for example, believing in myself and having family and friends that care, because they are the only things that matter in this world.
I took up aerobics tonight and I did it for ME!!!

Best wishes to you, Jen