Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You're A Mean One...

Principal Scrooge is tonight. If you were to ask The Bug if she is nervous...her answer would be yes. Not because she's afraid she won't remember the 197 lines that she has in the play. She's nervous what people will think as in her peers. So she told me this morning she'll be glad when this is over with even though she loves the sleep pajama pants she gets to wear through most of the play! We will buy our tickets at the door and I have two dozen gorgeous roses for the star of the show...even though she doesn't like it when I point that part out.... Go Doodlebug, go! Now I just need to find my camera to preserve the moment.

So the play is tonight. She gets fitted for her retainer tomorrow. Has to recite a poem in her English class as well. Chorus concert is Thursday. Then, perhaps if I'm lucky, our family life can return to something that resembles normality by the weekend. The cat and I miss her being home most evenings. I see a night of Christmas cookies, movies and hot chocolate in our very near future!

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