Friday, December 3, 2010

Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Ever heard that song? FUNNY! So it's the topic song for tonight. Google it if you have time.

So today I met with my advisor. I am on course to graduate a year from now. When I told Hubs he said it's always a year from now...which is true. But this time next year, I will be graduating with my Bachelor Degree of Science in Special Education. I will actually be qualified, by state standards, to educate students, heaven help us!

But after that, I stopped at a Bealls Outlet. Because of Fridays if you are under 49, you get 15% off. Know what I found? A case for my daughter's iPod that smells like jelly beans. A cute little bank for her room in pink, black and white. And... a thigh master! Remember those from the 80s when Suzanne Somers would sell them? Yes... I bought one! It is hidden in my van right now... I'm not sure I want the Hubs and the Bug to see it just yet.

After The Bug's drama rehearsal she and I headed out to dinner and some shopping. We found some great deals at Aeropostale, Belk and Kohls. I think that I can say I am finished shopping for everyone but my parents. I have NO CLUE what to get them this year!!! Why is it that our parents are the hardest people to buy for? At least I hope I don't have to go back to the mall anytime soon!

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