Tuesday, December 14, 2010

(S)he's Making a List...

Part of my mind tells me if I make a list, and someone sees it, I have to accomplish the things on my list. Otherwise, I'll look bad. So I am up at 1:16 in the morning, freezing my toes off waiting for the dryer to go off so that I'll know Hubs coat is dry before I go to bed. Thinking about what I need to do here at home since school gets out for Christmas break after Thursday. There is too much to do and I am so far behind. One thing that I want to remember next year - put my trees up early - that means at least start decorating before I throw all of my effort into doing the trees at my parents' house. Six trees later, one seems to lose their enthusiasm for all things to be decorated.

I did manage to dig the rest of the tree decorations out today. Not only is the living room tree decorated, but there's garland on the mantel! So seeing how I made some progress today, I have decided to make a list of tomorrow's goals in hopes that I'll achieve them.

1. Wash the dishes - this should be an easy thing to do considering the dish washer washes the dishes for me. All I have to do is load and unload.
2. Rehang the kitchen curtains. They've been folded in the laundry room for over a week now. They really need to be up. My windows look naked without them.
3. Clean up the dining room. It looks like a personal shopper had a melt down in there. Too much stuff! Too much stuff! This also means that I'll have to wrap presents. (Killing two birds with one stone as they say.)
4. Purchase a new terra cotta pot. Because my husband bumped the one I had just painted to make my toy soldier's face..and it cracked. Let's just say... I am not happy about purchasing a new pot. But I said nothing and walked away.
5. Clean out my desk
6. Vacuum upstairs. I am saddened that I even need to write this on my list...

Okay, so in my mind, my list is much longer than this one. But I think this much is manageable. Anything above it - well that's just a bonus, right?

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