Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka

We're having a heat wave...of sorts. Today was a warmer day with the sun shining that somehow found me outside working in the yard after I went to drop off our recyclables. I cleaned up some stuff that Hubs had left behind the garage as well as at the side yard when he cleaned out the bed of his truck last week. I unhooked the water hoses, which should have been done weeks ago. I cleaned up the leaves in the front yard. Took some stuff out to the shed. Painted the pots for my toy soldier. Hopefully I'll be able to put him together tomorrow and he'll keep guard over the front porch before the weekend is over.

Tonight we had the middle school chorus concert. The girls did a great job. The choirs are much smaller this year - which concerns me because I am a big supporter of the arts in school. We will have only two more concerts at the middle school... and then we'll have a high schooler on our hands.

Tomorrow I plan on working in the yard a little bit more before the rain gets here. If I were brave, I would get the ladder and hang some icicle lights, at least off the first floor... Or I'll just wait and see if Hubs can do it this weekend.

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The Source said...

Can you believe it? A high schooler? Last night Todd was mentioning that he only has three semesters of COLLEGE left (which blew my mind) and then the twins piped up with "yeah and we have three more semesters till high school!" and that's when I rolled up into a ball and cried.

Happy icicle light-hanging. ;)