Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

No, we don't have snow here in the great south...but a girl can hope. Actually today's title fits 2 purposes... 1. It is a Christmas song and 2. My Dad said the weather guy said we could have SNOW for Christmas this year. This contradicts the report that I have heard that it will be a tropical 73 instead. I like Daddy's forecast much better than my I am going with it!

Today was to be the day of accomplishments. I started out doing well. I had errands to run. Then Momma called and I found myself sidetracked at their house. I love spending time with the parents though so it was not a bad thing. The bad part is that I failed to get back out and accomplish everything that I needed to do. Now Hubs is on his way to the house. I have to pick The Bug up from drama club in 2 hours. Not much time to do all of the things I had hoped to accomplish. But as Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day" and surely as the sun rises, I will live to shop again! Okay, poetic license, but you get the drift?

The funny thing about raising a teenager is when you reach that point where they really don't know what they want for Christmas. Like the idea of making a list is unbearable. Clothes...that's usually a given. Electronics...another popular choice. It's just filling in all the gaps to come up with something that will wow their socks off come Christmas morning. That's the stage I am at in my shopping. When I was her age I think I got my first personal stereo. You know, one with a record player and BIG speakers and a CD deck and it would play the radio. I loved that thing and would sit and listen to my albums over and over again. We had a funny conversation the other night about albums because kids today really have no idea what they are unless they've seen them in their parents' stash of keepsakes. I was explaining how you'd buy an album or if you only wanted the song, you could get a 45 of the new release. I was explaining how records had an A side (the hit) and a B side (usually NOT the hit). This concept seemed I was speaking French in a Japanese movie.

What about you? What was the big 'gotta have' when you were 13?

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The Source said...

When I was 13 the big thing was jewelry. I got a beautiful ring for Christmas that year...that I still have. Also a necklace from my first "real" boyfriend. ;)

I got my first stereo set around age 10...had the turntable, cassette player AND an 8 track player on it. I kept it until about two years ago when my kids found it in the garage and wanted to know exactly what went in that strange slot on the front. We found a couple of 8 track tapes and really blew their minds!!