Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Christmas

Dear Christmas,
Why is it as we get older you come on quicker and are over with way too soon? What happened to that childlike wonder of feeling like the big day would never get here and the excitement that keeps you going throughout the holiday season? Where you find yourself checking the local stations to see when Charlie Brown is going to be on so that you can make sure not to miss it. Or the original Grinch and it's roast beast feast. That excitement that came along with the arrival of the Sears or JCPenney Christmas catalog and continued to build, with momentum, until the BIG DAY. I miss that feeling - of wonder and excitement. The urgency to load everyone into the van and drive around oohing and awing at all of the Christmas lights people use to decorate their houses. Going to a local tree lighting and drinking hot chocolate and humming carols. Baking sugar cookies in the shape of a gingerbread man only to turn it into a reindeer instead. Sending and receiving Christmas cards....when did people stop doing this?

The excitement in wrapping presents and adorning them with homemade bows... how many years has it been since I made a bow that did not consist of curling ribbon? Dressing up in my Christmas sweaters and enjoying the season. A season of shopping and music and entertaining and fun and laughter? Why is it as we grow older Christmas changes? We stand and marvel over the fact that Walmart, Target and Hobby Lobby bring out the decorations in time for Halloween and yet, with a blink of the eye, the holiday is finished and we are instead talking about taking down the tree and setting new year's resolutions? I wish there was a magical way to experience those feelings again.

So until next year, I will hope and wish that the feeling of excitement will return. I will prepare for the best holiday season ever - in hopes to feel that 'spirit' again and that I will remember the reason for the season and that it's also okay to enjoy the season with that childlike wonder...

Merry Christmas,
The Momster

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The Bug said...

You forgot to mention...that's a picture of your tree! I love your trees!!!!