Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Don't Be Late....

That's the title of the song by The Chipmunks. It was just playing on the On Demand Christmas channel that I have playing on the television right now. It's a funny choice for today, because I am behind in my Christmas preparations! Seriously behind! I am just putting the finishing touches on the living room tree this morning. I had to crawl around in the attic to find the rest of my decorations.... which was strange because they were not with the usual Christmas stuff. But mission accomplished and the tree is looking more festive with my collection of ornaments... and I discovered that I have too many ornaments. How can someone have TOO MANY ornaments? Must be left over from the tree at our first house. We had cathedral ceilings in our living room and a tree that went nearly to the top. Several years ago we decided to purchase the pre-lit tree that we still use today. It is smaller...and fits inside our house!

I am having trouble deciding what to get my parents for Christmas this year. I have thought about a few things but I am just not sure. It is driving me crazy! I am hoping if I take a few days just to think about it - and try not to shop for them - something will come to me. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I have no hair left on my head!

Why is it the people we love the most are usually the hardest to shop for?

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