Tuesday, November 23, 2010

With Visions of Sugar Plums...

The Bug's clay ornaments turned out to be GORGEOUS! So much that I have asked her to make me a charm bracelet with the gum drops that she designed in all sorts of colors and I hope she'll get busy on it in the next few days! I promise to upload some pictures, especially of her cocoa mug necklace that she made!

We have managed to get everything decorated at my parents house except for the front porch. Garland and icicle lights and we should finally be finished. I had hoped to have my decorations out by now but no such luck. That's okay... I have been enjoying my time off with The Bug. Today we went in search of the perfect bracelets and jump rings for her projects and five large clay pots for the nutcracker soldier that I am planning on creating for the front porch. I hope to get started on that one tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

On Wednesday I am taking her and a friend to see the new movie "Tangled". It should be fun. We are going to see it in 3-D so I am excited about that part. The girls seem to be glad that they're going to get together and do something. We originally planned on having her spend the night but then I realized that Hubs would be home ... ah! a night off!... so we changed their plans slightly so that we could have some family time together.

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday?!?! Where does the time go?

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