Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's Going On?

Wow - busy week here. I have decided, after my last post, to get down to business and knock the rest of my classes out. So far I only have a few assignments and 2 finals to take...and I will be DONE! yeah ME!

With all of the school work going on, I also have some GOOD news! The Bug passed her 1st round of All-State Auditions. In fact, she received the highest score at her school. We are VERY proud of her! But then again,this girl can S*I*N*G!

She is also in the drama club this year. And just got the starring role in the Christmas play that they're putting on next month. Principal Scrooge. The drama club sponsor really encouraged her to audition for this role and while I think maybe she's nervous about memorizing all of her lines since she's the only person in each and every scene, she's also very excited!

She's testing for her purple belt in Goju so hopefully we'll still have time to go to classes with all of the dramatic rehearsals going on around here. I think it would look good on her college applications to have her black belt and her Senai is encouraging her to stay with it. He's offered to advance her into the adult class (remember she's only 13!) but she's not sure. It's later and lasts longer. So I told her to think about it and just let us know. I am fine with her staying where she's at...she'd just learn more in the next class.

And the big big big news? December more braces! I think that I was more excited about this tidbit of information than she was... I'm so excited to see her teeth when the braces come off! I told her we'd have to do something BIG to have ice cream! LOL She hasn't had ice cream in forever!

That's it for us.

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