Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Holiday Challenge

Today's challenge (to myself) has nothing to do with the holidays in reality... Instead it has to do with cleaning out the kitchen. I started this mission on Saturday (did I already tell you this???) and today I am cleaning out the other side of the kitchen, aka the breakfast nook and my pantry. So far I have several things to drop off at the donation center. I am thinking about throwing my never been used toaster oven in for good measure, too. It takes up too much space!

So this morning, The Bug had to go back to school (much against her will!) and I came home to start tackling the shelves in my pantry. I have thrown away and thrown stuff into the recycling bin like you would not believe! I started in the pantry and then somehow ended back up in the frig. Anyway, just a holiday reminder...check the expiration dates on your bottles of salad dressing, boxes of cake mix, and those little pudding mix packages, too. I will not tell you the oldest item case you ever decide to eat at my was June of 2010... don't call child services on me!

I am about to load up the Momstermobile to go and drop off the kitchen stuff to the donation center. Then I'll probably come back home and load up the van for the recycling center as well. One thing that I know for sure...there will be no 'kitchen items' on my wish list this year!

Maybe I'll eventually get around to putting up the tree!

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