Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa's Diet Clause

Do you ever wonder if there are Weight Watchers at the North Pole? You know, those people who monitor Santa's weight...? (Drum roll please...) I thought that was a funny way to start today's post.

The tree fluffing is coming along well at my parents' house. All of the bedroom trees are up, fluffed and decorated. Hopefully by the time this posts, I will have the tree in the dining room lit and ready for the collection of ornaments that go in there and the tree up in the foyer. Then it's garland all around and wreaths on the door.

As I have worked in each room, I have cleaned for Momma since she's having some issues with her heart. It has been fun. But I am exhausted! I came home to cook dinner for Hubs before he heads off to work and then I have to pick The Bug up from drama club rehearsal and we are going to get dinner and head back to my parents' house to eat. And then I'll be fluffing trees and humming Christmas carols. Until I get back home and realize that the magical kitchen elves did NOT show up for duty again tonight. But never fear...tomorrow is another day.

Speaking of, I think tomorrow we're going to do some crafting. We don't get to spend too much time doing all of that lately and I miss it! It used to be that every Saturday morning we went to Michael's to get our craft on. Not so much any more. So tomorrow I am dragging out the gingerbread house kit, the felt for making skates and mittens and the clay along with the pasta machine (for the clay only....).

On another note... I hate taking back returns. I did that (FINALLY) at Kohl's today. It is sad when you realize the money that you 'loaned' the store because you didn't like something when you got it home but didn't want to return it. But that's a story for another day....


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