Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Purge...then the splurge!

Do you do that? Clean everything out in anticipation of the holidays? My Mom, aka Momma, cleans EVERYTHING...right down to the drawers in her house when the holidays are coming and she's expecting company.

Today I am focusing on cleaning out the guest room. I love(d) my guest room. In that room I have my grandmother's twin iron bed, which was always my favorite bed to sleep in when I was little and would go visit. I also have the rocking chair that I used when The Bug was a baby in that room. And my exercise machine...but let's not go there...because I haven't used it for two weeks (sssshhh!)

What I don't like about my guest room - it becomes the hiding place of everything we don't want to deal with around the house. Well that, and the curtains, but that's another story for another day. So today I started out cleaning off the bed and under the bed and now, just like my Momma, I am moving on to the drawers. I've found a ton of things to drop off for the charity we usually donate clothes to each year. I found The Bug's school pictures from last year. Sandals. Clothes that still have the price tags on them...those are going back!

What's the worst thing that's happened in that room? Well, I found a bottle of Murphy's Oil Mop n' Go or something like that. I thought I'd sit it on the little 'shelf' at the top of my stairs...Instead it slid on the banister like Ralphie after his visit with Santa and hit the wall. So I had to take a break to find enough old towels to try to dry up the mess that I had made. I'm hoping it doesn't stain the wall...otherwise I'll be painting before Hubs figures out what I've done.

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