Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There!

I am taking a class on collaboration. One of our assignments was to complete this test and to see where we rank. I thought I'd post it in case anybody's interested...if you do take it, post a message and let me know what your results are and I'll share "page 2".

Until then... I'm still decorating!


Read the following personality descriptions. Pick the ones you are most like. Circle each description that is a consistent character of you. Then total the circled answers for each personality. The larger numbers indicate basic personality traits.

1. Is daring and unafraid in new situations
2. Likes to be a leader. Often tells others how to do things.
3. Ready to take on any kind of challenge.
4. Is firm and serious about what is expected.
5. Makes decisions quickly.

Golden Retriever
1. Always loyal and faithful to friends.
2. Listens carefully to others.
3. Likes to help others. Feels sad when others are hurt.
4. Is a peacemaker. Doesn't like it when others argue.
5. Patient and willing to wait for something.

1. Talks a lot and tells wild stories.
2. Likes to do all kinds of fun things.
3. Enjoys being in groups. Likes to perform.
4. Full of energy and always eager to play.
" Always happy and sees the good part of everything.

1. Is neat and tidy and notices little details.
2. Sticks with something until it's done. Doesn't like to quit in the middle of a game.
3. Asks lots of questions.
4. Likes things done the same way.
5. Tells things just the way they are.

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