Friday, November 19, 2010

Fluffing the Trees

Today I have a date. With decorating. I am going to my parents' house to fluff their trees. It used to be that I was summoned home to put the lights on the trees too, but thanks to my convincing Momma to buy prelit trees a few years ago, I go home to fluff and decorate instead. Tomorrow I am doing the four trees that she has upstairs. Should be a fun day. Oh wait... I think there are five.

I actually look forward to this every year. My parents have a beautiful tree in the foyer of their home that all of the guests see when they enter the house. The tree we used was HUGE but last year the lights gave me fits so we decided to buy another tree. It's skinnier... but just as tall. She also has a white tree in the formal dining room where she displays her glass ornaments and one in the breakfast nook of the kitchen that is covered in fruit and flowers.

Once the trees are decorated, we'll put the garland on the stair cases and hang the wreaths and place the garland on the front porch rails. I'll have to see when Hubs can go and hang their icicle lights. He's super busy... hope he can get it done! My parents like to entertain at Christmas so I am sure Momma is planning their party.

What about you? Do you go and help anybody do their decorating each year?


The Source said...

No. I don't go and help anybody else, because I'm the decoratingly-challenged one in the family. I'm the one who needs help!! ;)

The Momster said...

Look, I'm just grateful that there are prelit trees on the market now...because I always end up being the one who had to put the lights on the trees... I think I have permanent scratch marks to prove it!