Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cleaning the Cupboard

Late this afternoon I decided to venture into the kitchen to clean out the cabinets (aka cupboards). Imagine my surprise when I realized we had a folding griddle... because we had FORGOTTEN all about having it. How convenient that would have been on those mornings after spend the night parties...

In cleaning out the recesses of the cabinets, I realized I have A LOT of baking stuff. I counted four different kinds of bundt pans. Not to mention the miniature bundt pans. And a lot of those little 'one bite' baking pans. Wilton cake pans - I wonder if I thought at one time I'd bake a wedding cake I have so many of them! But never fear, we don't only eat sweets here. I rediscovered my bread maker. My steamer. Electric knife. Food processor. Hand held chopper. All of those things that I had forgotten that I had because they were 'way back' in the cabinets where I never bother to look.

This prompted more cleaning. I moved my coffee cups. I took out all of the water bottles, except for two to keep. I went through my utensils drawer. Decided to get rid of my rotisserie that has never really worked for me. I'm still 'thinking' about keeping my blender. When is the last time I used it? Or my mini chopper? Maybe I should do something so that if I don't use them in the next month, they're going to a better home? I've gotten rid of salad 'tossers'. Wooden spoons. Extra coffee mugs. Those little measuring cups that come with liquid medicines. All sorts of stuff is on its way out of our house and either to the recycling center or a better home in one way or another. Next is the cabinet where my casserole dishes live. I do use them regularly - even though I live in a house with people who do NOT like casseroles.

Tomorrow maybe I'll get to the other side of the kitchen and take care of the pantry. I need to wash the windows, not to mention the curtain valances that I have up in the room. Don't even ask about the ceiling fan or the blinds! I have copper molds along one wall (at the ceiling) that I am sure need to come down and get some TLC as well. I want to turn on the self-cleaning feature of the oven and clean behind the refrigerator, too. At this rate, I'll have a lovely and CLEAN kitchen... but when am I going to put up the Christmas tree?


The Source said...

Oh, ceiling fans! They are the bane of my existence! (Did I spell that right??) I dust ours every few weeks with one of those long fluffy things and they STILL look too nasty!

So you know what I do? I leave them ON all the time. That way no one every notices. ;)

The Momster said...

Ha! That's my trick... when in doubt, leave the ceiling fan on. Remember that show "Trading Spaces"? They used to take everybody's ceiling fans down....they would not survive in my house...we have fans EVERYWHERE!