Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Lights and Candy Canes

I asked my husband this morning when he thought he'd have time to put the icicle lights up on the house. Because he never found the time to do this last year and the house looked so sad to me. Because in all of the years we've been married, we've always put up lights. He said maybe this weekend. Which is fine...but let's not turn them on just yet.

Then he mentioned that maybe we could get the Christmas tree out. Now what do you think about that? Putting the tree up NOW rather than the week of Thanksgiving vacation? I don't know why...but that just seems WRONG to me. So I told him no... we'd do that when The Bug and I are both at home for the break. That we had too much other stuff to do.

Which started him on this conversation about building this huge Christmas tree out of lights that we've seen in someone's yard before. It is beautiful ... but to be honest, he's not home enough lately to be able to accomplish something like that. And it means I'd have to buy a zillion lights. But if he's determined to do it, I am sure he'll find the time.

I am going to get out the clay and the pasta machine and ask The Bug to make me some 'candy' ornaments for a small tree I want to put up in my kitchen this year. I've always loved those ornaments at Cracker Barrel and I believe she could do them with no problem. I will post pictures if we get around to it.

I want to make this Christmas special here at home. Mostly because I have no idea what to get The Bug this year ... and because it's the last Christmas that I won't be 'working' or 'student teaching' and I want to enjoy every minute and make lots of memories.

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