Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clinton Kelly

I know, I know. I don't talk about celebrities here.... But what's your take on Clinton Kelly? You know, the guy from "What Not To Wear"? I think he's hilarious! So while I was over on the website, I looked at a few of the "Clinton Kelly" videos where, ordinary women (including one who has lost 92 pounds) ask him fashion questions and he helps with their make overs. It's worth a looksee if you have time.

I have bowling tonight...wonder what he'd think of the bowling league shirts so many wear? My scores are pretty good considering I probably have a fracture to my ring finger. I've been borrowing my sister's bowling ball since they lived in Germany but Tuesday night I bowled half of the time with her 10 pound ball and then I went back to my 12 pound bowling alley ball. It's got that "ump" that I need to get those strikes and increase my scores. Speaking of... last Thursday I got a 104, 108 and 124. Tuesday, with my hand taped up because of my finger (again!) I got a 98 and a 116. Not bad considering I have to be able to bowl at least a 90 to pass the course.

After I leave the bowling alley I'm heading to the middle school for The Bug's chorus concert. She has a solo in Halo . Made famous by Beyonce...and even more popular thanks to Glee. I can't wait to hear her sing... she's got such a fantastic voice. She'll sing the first verse of the song by herself. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good video of her singing...and since her group doesn't sing until the end of the concert I should make it in enough time.


The Source said...

I'd love to hear her sing! Congrats to Bug on her solo!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

okay I just love Clinton Kelly and I loved those videos! Thanks for the links! Congrats on the solo - you must be so proud! my husband and I recently joined a bowling league... yikes!