Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feel the Burn....Out

Something is going on around here. We've had dreary, wet weather for the past few days. It's also been warmer than normal. Water plus warmth equals misery. Especially after Mother Nature tempted us to think that fall was just around the corner a few weeks ago when the temperatures where turning colder. Ha...the joke was on us!

Bowling has finally ended. I am happy to report I scored a 144 on one of my final games! It seems strange to have my Tuesdays and Thursdays to myself again. Needless to say, I passed the class. In a way I miss my little crew of bowlers. There were only 7 of us enrolled in the class with our instructor. On the positive side, I am finally regaining the ability to bend my ring finger and can actually grasp things with my left hand again.

My other classes are coming together. A few weeks left this semester - I think our classes actually end the first week of December. I will be so grateful when it ends. The past two semesters I have pushed myself too hard and taken too many classes. I have really started to feel the effects of all of the studying and work this past week. I'm also worried that I will start to experience burn out when it comes to teaching...and this has me concerned since I've gone to school for so long to teach and now I feel this way. Next semester I'm taking three classes so far - and one of those is my field experience so I'll be placed at another school for 15 hours a week for something like 16 weeks. Then in the fall I will student teach at a local school for at least 12 weeks. I'll take and hopefully pass the GACE and then I'll be eligible for my certification to teach Special Education in grades K-12. Then I'll go from being "Slacker Mom" to "Mrs. R"- that's what my students call me. My last name is NOT fun to pronounce and seldom if ever do they get it right.

I cannot believe that this weekend is Halloween! Where has the time gone? For the first time that I can remember I bought The Bug's Halloween costume rather than making it myself. She's going as a goddess... She wants to be Artemis, goddess of moonlight and hunting. Which reminds me... I still need to run out and pick up her accessories! Our church is having its annual Harvest celebration for the community. You would not believe all of the activities and food they'll have available for our neighbors and it's all free. What an awesome outreach program! The Bug and one of her friend's will be doing face painting for an hour and then working for an hour in the booth that our class is responsible for supervising that night. Then they'll have just enough time to enough all of the treats and games before it's time to leave.

The house has not been decorated. There is still a part of a tree blocking the sidewalk to the front door. Because Hubs is always at work. I think I'm going to ask him to park the landscape trailer in the front of the house tomorrow so that I can at least get all of the branches up. Maybe I'll find the Great Pumpkin that lights up and put him in the front yard at least. There will be no haunted cemetery to spook the kids. Maybe next year. I hope anyway....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clinton Kelly

I know, I know. I don't talk about celebrities here.... But what's your take on Clinton Kelly? You know, the guy from "What Not To Wear"? I think he's hilarious! So while I was over on the website, I looked at a few of the "Clinton Kelly" videos where, ordinary women (including one who has lost 92 pounds) ask him fashion questions and he helps with their make overs. It's worth a looksee if you have time.

I have bowling tonight...wonder what he'd think of the bowling league shirts so many wear? My scores are pretty good considering I probably have a fracture to my ring finger. I've been borrowing my sister's bowling ball since they lived in Germany but Tuesday night I bowled half of the time with her 10 pound ball and then I went back to my 12 pound bowling alley ball. It's got that "ump" that I need to get those strikes and increase my scores. Speaking of... last Thursday I got a 104, 108 and 124. Tuesday, with my hand taped up because of my finger (again!) I got a 98 and a 116. Not bad considering I have to be able to bowl at least a 90 to pass the course.

After I leave the bowling alley I'm heading to the middle school for The Bug's chorus concert. She has a solo in Halo . Made famous by Beyonce...and even more popular thanks to Glee. I can't wait to hear her sing... she's got such a fantastic voice. She'll sing the first verse of the song by herself. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good video of her singing...and since her group doesn't sing until the end of the concert I should make it in enough time.