Sunday, September 5, 2010

Winds of Change

The seasons are can see it in the longer shadows during the day. There is a crispness in the air. It's like the Earth is coming in from a hot day of playing out in the sun and is ready for a nap. I love when the seasons change, especially from summer to fall...and then on to winter - my favorite season of the all!

I found myself out working in the yard one day this week - something that I haven't done in ages. I pulled some weeds. Sprayed some others. Cut the grass. Washed the lawn mower because it was coated in grass at one point. Enjoyed the day - even without my ipod handy. I thought about all of the work I had put into our yard last summer and how I had neglected it this time around. Once the deer consumed most of my hostas I gave up. I didn't keep the islands and raised beds weeded like I should. Some of the new shrubs have given up as well and need to be replanted. The worst was the bradford pear tree that decided to split in the middle of a storm and tried to eat the truck. Luckily the truck was okay but all of the lumber and debris was stacked off to the side yard and is still there today. It needs to be hauled out to the garden beds and burned this fall once the burn ban is lifted. I need to fertilize the flower beds and decide what to do with the mess around our back deck.

Fall makes me feel invigorated... I want to get outside and get things done. I look around at the inside and see the possibilities of things to accomplish as well. Maybe I'm a dreamer - a list maker who is constantly dreaming up things to do - until the list gets too busy or long and I get lost somewhere in the process. Because of that reason, I want to take it one room - one closet - one corner at a time and get things done the way that I want them to be done around here. Life is short - it's time to stop waiting for the tomorrows to all add up and it's time to start taking advantage of all of the todays that are in front of me.

The same thing goes for me. It's time to stop thinking "one day" and make that day TODAY. Okay, well tomorrow since it's 11:12 p.m. But it's time to stop waiting for a miracle to happen and instead to go out and make that miracle happen myself. No more thinking that I'll deal with it tomorrow. Because eventually all of those tomorrows are going to go away and all I will have are the wishful thoughts of how I wasted my yesterdays.

The winds of change are upon us. I can feel them blowing, lifting the hair from the back of my neck. Whispering to me "today".... "today".... "today"....

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