Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day of Freedom

I am trying to type this with a finger in a splint. Apparently I am a dangerous bowler. Apparently I have a sprained finger. Go ahead and laugh - it's been quite entertaining around here as well. Thank you bowling class! But I bowled a 97 with it last night - so that's okay with me.

Today is my last day before starting back in the classroom. Monday morning I'll report to a local school and meet the teacher that I'm with for the first time. I have no idea what her students are like - I only know that she has 15 of them. My plan is to complete my 12 hours with her on Mondays and Tuesdays. For nine weeks total. That's the week before Thanksgiving. Why am I not more excited?

I know... because with my last venture into the classroom, I was asked to file papers. Make copies. Oh and staple some papers...that was a fun one! I was in another classroom one day and the teacher asked me to be a scribe for one of her students (it was in his accommodations). The teacher that I worked with came in, asked that teacher what was going and told me to move. How do you like that? I did not like it much at all.

I am hopeful that this semester will be a better experience. I have to teach at least 3 lessons and record them to submit for a grade to my professor. So far my other four classes are going well and I am working ahead on them as much as possible.

I am supposed to bake some sort of treat that The Bug can take to one of the local fire stations tomorrow to thank those who bravely put their lives on the line for our safety. I am driving 6 of the girls from church to at least five stations and then we are all going to lunch. I still don't know what type of cookie or snack I am going to make at this point. Tomorrow night is Decades Night for the youth at church. She did the '90s this summer (I'll have to post her picture!) - I am not sure what she'll do this time. I hope it's something easy!

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