Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot Spots

Last night I found myself reading over at Fly Lady's website. I have known about her cleaning system for years but last night I had a link regarding the site in an email and clicked over and read some more. I read a little bit about "HOT SPOTS" know, those places in your house where "STUFF" seems to accumulate. In some houses, there are apparently a couple of hot spots. In mine...there are several.

First, the kitchen table. It's directly in your path if you come in through our garage or if you come in from the back porch. This is a place where The Bug seems to place anything related to school, we have a tendency to sit mail here. Or small shopping bags. Right now there are two hats hanging on the back of the chair nearest the door.

Next, the dining room table. This one is worse for me. It's where all of my school books, notebooks, notes,and projects accumulate. This is the place where things that need to be returned (library books, that skirt that looked so cute at the store and not so cute when we got it home...things like that) gather.

At the top of the stairs there is a short wall - just the right size for "things". Right now there's a small selection of t-shirts that need to be returned to my parents' house from inpromtu spend the nights that The Bug has had. The battery pack to the camcorder - which is ancient and should be replaced! - as well as a sheer curtain that needs to find its way back downstairs and on the living room window.

Lastly, my dresser has become another 'hot spot' in the house. Clothes that missed the call to be packed up at the end of the season. A collection of DVDs and VHS movies that need to be returned to the movie closet from the last time someone was sick and watched tv in bed between naps. A shoe box full of pictures that needs to be sorted through and day.

Hot Spots. So this week my goal is to work my way through the hot spots in the house to try to get everything back under control.

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

love the flylady! I constantly have an area in my kitchen that collects papers and the island gets everything else! I need to work on that!