Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Week of Summer To Go...

Summer is coming to a close here. A week from tonight we will be double-checking to make sure everything has been packed and that the first day's outfit is ready to go. The Bug will start here last year in middle school. We will go to a "meet the teacher" event on Thursday to find out what team she is on ... and hopefully find out that some of her friends are on the same team. In the meantime though we'll spend our days shopping for the perfect outfit and our evenings attending Youth Week - a youth department version of VBS - at our church. In between all of that, we've got to get hair cuts as well.

Her birthday is in two weeks time. She'll finally turn 13! I can remember I always looked forward to turning 13 - like it was a right of passage for me! She's really not said much about it. We are deciding what to do to celebrate and she's mentioned a few things that she'd like for her birthday. There are times when I look at her and wonder where did my little girl go?

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