Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Eighth Grade

The school year has started. Eighth grade. Busy schedule of Math, Science, Social Studies, Gifted English - which I think I just figured out is a 20 minute class?, Spanish, Treble Chorus and Health & Fitness. Got that? Okay, now it's time for my comments....

Spanish. Should be fun. She's reminded me the past few days of the phrases I had forgotten. Like "What is your name?" or "How are you?" or even "What?". This will be an educational lesson not only for her - but for her Momma as well.

Social Studies - she loves this teacher so far. Yes, I know it's the 3rd day of school. But she also has her for home room. She seemed nice at meet the teacher.

Science - this is the year that science becomes fun again and we are both ready! Last year was WAY TOO MUCH copying notes and summarizing chapters. This time it's hands on...just the sort of class my daughter enjoys.

Math - could be challenging but with her I'm really not worried. You know how you hear students are either English/Artistic or Math/Science orientated? I think we are a cross between them both. I started having problems with math when I was in middle school and hated it. She thinks it's pretty cool.... no complaints here.

English - she likes this teacher - and the teacher talks FAST. So does my daughter.

Chorus - same teacher, all the same girls except for three who were promoted. This class is an audition only class and it's apparently becoming extinct. There are hardly any new recruits for the 6th grade class and there is no 7th grade treble chorus anymore. Hoping that she enjoys it a little more this year than last. All of her friends are in the other 8th grade class... we'll see.

Health & Fitness - She seems excited about this one. They talk about the health stuff the first few weeks and then go to the weight lifting room for the fitness part. No running the mile in 100 degrees weather. Let's just hope this isn't the beginning of her getting stuck in gym for the rest of the year. We spent so much time in PE last year that we didn't get to have any of the fun connection classes that were available.

She came in and told me that although her test scores were high enough to exclude her from reading class this year, she is still required to read the 25 books that are mandated. Good thing she likes to read but a bummer of sorts because reading is supposed to be for fun!

She has a friend who is in all of her classes again this year. I am beginning to suspect that this friend's mother has something to do with this. It all goes back to something that happened in 6th grade between two of The Bug's friends. The mother called the school and now it is odd...they have every class together except for connections - because Bug is in one chorus and the friend is in another. I am not sure how I feel about all of this but I just keep my thoughts to myself. When she was in elementary school we found out that a student's mother always requested that her son be in class with The Bug because she was kind to him (he had some emotional behavioral issues) ... I know that the school's will usually permit these requests if the parents call and make the request. I'm just not sure how I feel about it involving my daughter.

Finally, we are spending our last few days of Tweenerhood around here. She'll turn 13 on Monday. Where does the time go?


The Source said...

Sounds like she's all set for a good year. Do they only have to take PE for part of the year? Her schedule is so completely different from our middle school...not that it matters to my two, but it's interesting how different states and school systems do things.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Back to school already! Where did the summer go! getting into those teen years, time will fly! Happy Birthday to the Bug!