Sunday, July 25, 2010

Steel Magnolias

The semester is coming to an end this week. I know I posted previously how I'd never take more than 13 hours. Guess what? I am going to have to take 18 hours this upcoming semester. I know - what am I thinking? Quick, I'll turn the other cheek to give you a better aim. But my advisor says that I may not have another chance to get these courses before I student teach in a year. I have two more 'normal' semesters. I'm taking off next summer and I'll student teach for 12 weeks in the fall. Then I will be done. I don't plan on going back immediately to get my masters. I think my family and I will both need to take a break from my being a student. Plus by then hopefully I'll be a teacher rather than the student. But I have learned A LOT this summer believe it or not. Mostly my own self-reading. And I've written a lot of papers. I'll be analyzing people for months to come!

The Bug has a friend who is moving away this week. She was new to the school this year, but the girls became friends and I was glad. She's the kind of girl who always makes the new kids feel welcome - that makes me very proud of her. It would be easy to wait and let them flounder about but not my Bug. She invites them to sit with her and her friends at lunch. She's just a good kid. A little mouthy sometimes but she has a heart of gold. Anyway, we have been trying to plan a get together so that the girls could all say goodbye....we as in the girls who live here moms....we changed our plans to go out of town because they're coming back into town tonight so that the girls could get together tomorrow before they move. I wanted to take them some place nice so that they could feel a little grown up and have dinner and converse. Because we haven't heard back, two of the other moms decided we could just go over to one of the other girls houses and they could swim. I am not happy. Because I wanted to do something special. I would never say anything to them about how it makes me feel - I wouldn't dare even mention this on facebook! - but I'm not pleased.

But being the southern gal that I am... I called them back and said oh that just sounds great....what can we bring...blah blah blah. Am I overreacting? My daughter was a little disappointed. We were thinking about even going to karaoke and having some fun. Now they'll swim and the adults will get to sit around and sweat. I know, I need to be a big girl about it, right? I could have been at the beach.... I could have spoken up... but there's something about the way my Momma raised me here. You are always polite. Have you ever seen Steel Magnolias? Something to Talk About? In all of those movies, about southern women, we just take what comes our way - in stride. So I'll smile and be polite and all that jazz ... but I don't have to pretend like I like it here on my blog do I?

I feel like I'm being petty. I called my Mom from Macys - standing in the middle of the juniors department - so that I could get it all off of my chest. Sweet Momma always makes me feel better. I don't know what I'd do without her.

And that has been my day - right in the middle of shopping for bras and bathing suits and writing papers. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

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The Source said...

I would have been a little ticked off, too. But I probably wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut. Especially if I'd missed out on the beach just so I could sit around while my kid went swimming. ;)

I hope the girls had fun anyway. It's sweet that the Bug is the kind of kid who makes others feel welcome and part of the group. That's so important...being able to reach out to others. I know you're proud of her!