Friday, July 2, 2010

I've Been MIA

I've gone missing again, but don't worry. I've found myself. Actually I have been pretty busy with school and being sick this past month but I am happy to report that I am on the mend.

I attended my final class on the psychology of prejudice today and took my final. I don't know when we'll find out our grades but I feel pretty good about my performance in there. I am glad that it's over and done though because to sit in a lecture hall for almost 4 hours a day for four days a week was a lot to deal with on top of being sick.

I'm actively looking for a job. Preferably a paraprofessional job with the local school system for this upcoming year. I can do that and still do all of my course work and field experience so while it's probably a long shot, I've been putting in for the parapro jobs as they become available. Plus it would give us great benefits for the year!

My daughter has gotten me hooked on Glee. Yes, we are a household of Gleeks. Today she decided to take her allowance for the month and by the DVD at Target so we watched several of the episodes tonight. I have also found that I enjoy Drop Dead Diva - which surprised me but it's cute. I usually end up watching it On Demand as I can never find time on Sunday nights and this way I can avoid the commercials. Saw Toy Story 3 recently. Warning: If you see it, take some tissues! We are going tomorrow with a friend to watch Eclipse. Not sure if I am excited about that one or not.

Hard to believe that school has been out for a month. Where does the time go? Before you know it, with the way time flies, my daughter will be graduating and heading off to college. I am not ready for that!

That's about it for now. Just wanted to do a general 'catching up' post.

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

Congrats on finishing up your classes. Is this just for the summer or are you done? Time does fly, mine is starting her 3rd year of college and I remember those elementary days....