Friday, July 30, 2010

From the Beach

I am typing this sitting in my room in the fantastic condo we rented in Gulf Shores. It is gorgeous. Right on the beach with the view of the Mobile Bay from two of the bedrooms. So while we have been here we swam in the gorgeous pool and walked the beach collecting shells. Still a little unsure about swimming in the Gulf but we have had a lot of fun playing in the beach. Yesterday we drove to Florida to play around at the beach as well. We talked about getting on the ferry boat and going to Mississippi just for fun - so that we could say we visited 3 states ... but my Mom, who is here with the Bug and I, isn't fond of the idea of being in the van over a big body of water for that long of a period of time so we decided against it.

I have enjoyed this vacation. It has given me a chance to have some downtown so that I can clear my head. I finished all of my projects and actually got the grade for the hardest one just last night - 100/100. I am excited and psyched about that one because it consumed so much of my time. I have enjoyed my time with my Mom and the Bug. We have laughed and giggled and then laughed more. Eaten Doritos and lasagna. Talked. Talked. and then we talked some more! I think we all needed this time away to just relax. Sad that my Dad didn't make the trip. That Hubs had to work. But it has worked out wonderfully all the same.

School starts back for the Bug a week from Monday. I start back the following week. Time flies when you're having fun... So goodnight from the Gulf of Mexico.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Enjoy your time away! Sounds like a great vaca already with all the laughing and talking time! We all need a little recharge now and then!

The Source said...

What a happy & daughter AND mom & daughter! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time. Did you end up seeing any oil?

Congrats on your project grade! I knew you'd do well, but gosh! A 100?

I like the new blog look, too.