Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feel the burn...

Feel the burn...as in the burnout. Classes have started and I am already overwhelmed. First day on campus was today and we find out there is another class that deals with the psychology of diversity that we need. So we start the frantic "what do we do?" (that is my friend K and I do - because 3 others knew about the class). I could not stay for it this afternoon - I had to take The Bug to the orthodontist and was almost running late. K stayed - and talked to the professor teaching the class. She said it should be relatively easy - but there are a few projects that have to be submitted and a few tests. We will meet 4 days a week from 1:15 till 4. That makes for a long afternoon - but we will be finished up at the end of the month. So now I am registered for the class (but not without having to jump through a bunch of hoops) and will be there tomorrow. Funny how I started out this semester thinking I only had class 6 days on campus isn't it? But this meets a diversity requirement and counts as an elective so hopefully I won't be required to go to school next summer. I am a little worried about the work load of this class in addition to my other 3 classes that are online. There is a part of me that is frustrated and just wants to quit going to school and go out and get a normal job and then there's this part of me that knows this is a good thing to do. I just wish that "keep going" voice was a little bit louder these days.

But who knows, maybe all of this 'busy' will help me focus on losing some weight. Because I won't have time to eat - much less anything else - for the next few weeks.

Aren't you glad you stopped by my pity party today?

I promise, more positive from here on out. I just need to get motivated to knock out all of the assignments that I can right now otherwise this is not going to be such a fun summer.