Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summertime...Sweet Summertime

Summer is coming. Fast and Furious. School is out for me after my final in psychopharamacology tonight. YEAH - I spelled it without looking!!! The Bug has a few more weeks left of school. But that'll be over before we know it... and it'll be summertime.

Of course, living in the south, it already feels like summertime. Today is supposed to be a hot, humid day after the rains and wind we've had lately. There's also been this strange finch of some sort that keeps coming and tapping on the bathroom window upstairs - it has us all fascinated because it's just this little window but it comes every day and drives the cat to distraction and the rest of us listen to see if we can hear it. Thank goodness the Bug and the cat have never seen "The Birds"...otherwise, it could get pretty scary!

I am taking summer classes. 3 of them. While I'm not happy about it, at least a majority of my actual 'classes' are online so that gives me a break. I've also decided that as soon as this week is over (I'm working most of the week) I have got to do some house purging. It's amazing how housework can accumulate when you are busy trying to make good grades and spend some time with your family! Right now, I've managed to overtake our dining room with school stuff so that's the first place that I hope to return to normal. Small steps.

It's hard to believe that The Bug will be in 8th grade in the fall. Where does the time go? Before you know it, we'll be packing up and sending her off to college. Maybe by then her Mom will have finished, too!

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